Emotional intelligence is a person’s ability to recognise one’s own emotions and those of others. That is, to identify feelings and “classify” them correctly, in order to be able...

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Emotional intelligence in football

Emotional intelligence is a person’s ability to recognise one’s own emotions and those of others. That is, to identify feelings and “classify” them correctly, in order to be able to use this information either in one’s own behaviour, thinking or adjusting one’s own emotions.  In addition, self-knowledge improves the long-term […]


The festivities have arrived at Real Valladolid International Academy! Want to know how to benefit from this promotion? Read on! 1. PROMOTION  The promoter and responsible for the personal data file of Christmas is the team of Campus and Sports Events S.A. with CIF A-86756988, based in Calle Guzmán el […]

What do each of the positions on the pitch mean?

Football is one of the most followed sports in many countries and football positions are fundamental to the organization of the team and lineups in matches. When we talk about football positions we mean the places occupied by soccer players on the pitch. In addition, each position has an assigned […]

Top 10 football apps for you to have on your phone!

The 2021/2022 season is here and with it the illusions of all football fans are renewed. Due to the dimension of the soccer world, it is difficult to follow and enjoy all the matches of the different leagues on the planet, even if you only follow one, there is so […]

10 reasons to combine football and studies: continuing education

Football is surrounded by an infinite number of physical and mental benefits, in addition to offering an education based on values that are present before, during and after practice. At Real Valladolid International Academy ,in addition to high performance football, we incorporate into our programs an academic education that can […]

Why join a High Performance Football Academy?

A high performance football academy is one of the best sports and human experiences for young athletes. Our Real Valladolid International Academy programs are available throughout the year, aimed at boys and girls who want to develop their skills through a high performance training program and learn from professional coaches […]

How do you say football in 15 different languages?

Football in 15 languages Football is one of the most popular sports in the world. It is known and played in every corner of the world and has been characterized since its inception as a sport that unites, that overcomes cultural, social, and religious barriers, among others. At Real Valladolid […]

The language of football: 10 words that every fan should know

Sport is considered a universal language and football is no exception. This discipline overcomes cultural, social, religious and physical differences, therefore, from Real Valladolid International Academy we leave you 10 words that every football lover should know. Dribbling. It is an individual skill that consists of making movements with different […]

Top 10 movies and TV series about football

If you are a football fan and you want to know more about a player, manager or the management of a professional team, you can’t miss the Top 10 movies and TV series that we recommend you from Real Valladolid International Academy! ‘Ronaldo: El Presidente’. Ronaldo Nazario “The Phenomenon” is […]

5 typical football rituals to attract good luck 

In the world of football there are traditions, rituals or manias to attract good luck before the beginning of the season or in big games and Spain is no exception, find out which are the most common! Religion: religion cannot be left out when mentioning some of the football players’ […]

Organizing entities: Campus and Sports Events & Real Valladolid C.F.

Collaboration agreement between Campus and Sports Events and Real Valladolid C.F. for the development of the Real Valladolid International Academy project. An international training program, designed for boys and girls up to 17 years of age, which guarantees the football development and the perfect combination between high performance and academic-personal […]

5 curiosities that surround Valladolid!

Valladolid hides very surprising curiosities, discover with us this magical city! Did you know that Valladolid was the capital of Spain? Indeed, in 1601 Philip III Duke of Lerma, moved contacts to move the court to Valladolid and, therefore, it became the capital of the Spanish Empire for 5 years. […]

Get to know our facilities: sports and residence

Real Valladolid International Academy is a high performance football program where you can experience football like your idols and train in the facilities of the Real Valladolid C.F. first team, with all the resources and tools necessary for each participant to enhance their sports career at the highest level, combined […]

7 curiosities about Real Valladolid C.F. that every fan should know

The Real Valladolid C.F. accumulates 93 years of history. A lot has changed since then, but the essence is the same. Its career has left more than one fact that may be unknown to many. From Real Valladolid International Academy we unveil 7 interesting curiosities about the club. Read on, […]


We want to inaugurate our blog in a big way and reveal all the details! Real Valladolid International Academy is a high performance football program where you can live and train like a professional with the methodology of Real Valladolid C.F., with all the necessary tools for each participant to […]