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“Injury” is a cursed word in football and in any other type of sport. It is the great enemy, the event to avoid and the one that causes even a sports career to be cut short in just a few seconds. But that does not mean that it is something to always keep in mind, to know and to keep in mind in order to avoid suffering its consequences. For this reason, this week on the Real Valladolid International Academy blog we will tell you how it is possible to prevent injuries and how our team of coaches and monitors handle them.

How to avoid getting injured?

One of the determining factors is undoubtedly prevention, that is, taking care of our body when performing physical activity. We must be very aware that our body needs to be dosed and that overexertion can bring the worst consequences. This can be seen on a day-to-day basis, in every training session, in every game action.

Combating this fatigue and helping our body is very simple, it is enough to follow a series of basic concepts that will not only prevent us from harming ourselves, but also allow us to enjoy the activity more. A good example of all this could be eating a good diet to gain strength, being hydrated at all times or wearing sportswear that meets the requirements of the exercise. In addition to unwrapping ourselves with greater comfort, we will be prepared for any type of setback.

We can get to know our body and know where its limits are, but many times there are actions in the game that are not within our reach. Tickets from teammates or rivals, a poor state of the playing field or even some inclement weather, all this can cause an injury that prevents us from continuing to practice sports. It is vital that we take the necessary precautions, such as correct clothing or prior planning of each training day.

Listening to our monitors or coaches is also key, since we can learn different mechanics and routines from them to avoid hurting ourselves while making any kind of effort.

How do we help our footballers?

During their stay with us at Real Valladolid International Academy we try to make all the boys and girls feel protected and safe from any kind of problem at all times. Our team of professionals is always available for them and makes sure that no one makes an extra effort or an activity that could pose a problem in the future.

We establish relationships of trust that are very important, since in this way there is greater communication between the players and the coaching staff, resulting in a collective benefit. Little by little they get to know themselves and learn to read their own body very well, knowing when they should make efforts and when they should rest.

It is very important to start working on this type of behavior from a very young age, in order to normalize them and always keep them in mind when training or playing a game.

Improve your football at Real Valladolid International Academy

Join Real Valladolid International Academy and be part of the best human and sports team. You will improve your football and you will be part of the great family of Real Valladolid, one of the fastest growing teams in Spanish football.

Our team of coaches will help you combine a healthy life with top-level sports preparation, allowing you to achieve all your goals and preventing the risk of any type of injury.

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