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In sport, competition is the pinnacle of everything, it is the moment where the athlete captures all his work, effort and dedication to get there. However, in many moments the competition can be even negative, because the pressure, the ambition to win, the failure to achieve the results and fail, does a lot of damage if you do not know how to take. 

Many children form in their heads the importance of always winning, which if they do not, they become angry against everything. They can become very competitive and when they are, there are the problems to accept any defeat. If that’s not controlled in time, it can be a problem in your future career.

And it is that having a constant competitiveness can be very complicated for small, so you can not link to success to have the best results. They have a lifetime ahead of them, where they will meet many defeats, but they will also achieve many successes. Therefore, from a young age it is important that they understand and try to accept both situations to enjoy the process.

But beware, not all competition at that age is bad, so it is so important to understand that having a healthy competitiveness also instills motivation, inspires them to improve, to measure your abilities and develop more the feeling of joy when you win and of sadness when you lose.  

For this reason, at Real Valladolid International Academy we bring you the best advice to see the importance of awakening a healthy competitiveness at an early age and how to promote it: 

1. Values:
At this time in the lives of the little ones, it is clear that it is necessary to teach them the importance of, for example, teamwork, responsibility, respect, effort, so that they know what it is about and practice it for life. Also, teach them that there are also negative aspects that should never be resorted to to win, how to lie or cheat. 

2. Knowing the limits:
It is necessary to teach children to know their abilities, how far they are able to go, and thus work day by day to improve, because considering this, Each time the weaknesses will be strengths and certainly a virtue to face each competition. 

3. To do our best: In a competition we have always been taught that the importance is to win, but it is not always so, especially in these ages, since here it is more important to teach the little ones that we must always try to do it in the best way, whatever the result, that satisfaction comes because they worked hard, worked to achieve the goal, so they will enjoy the game and that feeling of frustration will be better managed, without pressure. 

At Real Valladolid International Academy, our participants are going to find a competition with the same bases, so if you have these tips in your head, you will surely better face the efforts to reach the next level.

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