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The festivities are coming and at Real Valladolid International Academy we know how difficult it can be to think of the perfect gift for a footballer, so today we’ve come to take that worry out of your head, because we know precisely what the best gifts can be and so be envy in these holidays. Do not miss it!

1. Football shirts: If you know the footballer right next to you, you’ll know that one of his loves is his football team, and there’s no cooler gift for this kind of person than having the club shirt of a lifetime. Therefore, do not hesitate in this option never, whether the local edition, visitor or the specials, the smile of this person will be assured. Mind you, there’s no T-shirt more special than Valladolid’s, huh?.

2. Playing boots: The best technical tool that a footballer can have when playing or practicing football are good boots, these are those that will help you to adapt to the different types of courts and to figure on the field. Today, the offer of boots is very wide and that is a wonder, since you can choose the ones that you like and adapt to what you are looking for, do not forget that you are also coming for different types of game, so options will never miss. 

3. Video games: And if the real world doesn’t need anything, then let’s go to the virtual world, where football has had a huge impact over the years thanks to the seasonal editions of video games that make the footballer take over the club of his loves or feels, in that world, what it’s like to be a professional or a coach. Video games are a great option for the holidays, do not doubt that it is a great gift and whoever receives it will be more than happy. We assure you!

4. Game entrances: If there is one thing that is insurmountable, it is the experiences that fans live in the stadiums, and that is the place where magic happens, that is where all the emotions and voices come together. That’s why a gift like a ticket to see the team is one of the best options, as it will be a unique moment for the footballer and will surely be a memory for a lifetime. There is no doubt! 

5. Accessories: Last but not least, accessories, nowadays the football teams generate all kinds of merchandising for fans and curious, so a captain’s tape, a club cap, a keychain or things like this, are also a very good option. The important thing, here you will have more variety and therefore, more where to choose. 

From Real Valladolid International Academy we hope that these tips will help you shine with your gifts at these parties, but most importantly, in which you give smiles and unique experiences to your family and friends, as we do with our participants in the academy. Happy holidays!

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