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It is clear that the role of physiotherapy in football is becoming increasingly important for the recovery and physical preparation of players. There is no team in the world that has not implemented this sector to their technical bodies, since it is of vital importance for the conditioning of the party-to-party staff. 

Today, an average team plays more than 40 games in the season, there are some that play more than 60, and that is a lot of encounters, where the physical demand is greater and that, if you do not have a good individual and collective preparation, the injuries will appear more frequently and the affected one at the end, will not only be the player, but also the team and the interests of the club.

In this way, it is how efficiency is measured on the playing field and the evolution of players, from the youngest to the professionals. It is there, where the role of physiotherapy acquires an important value in the life of the footballers, since it is the one that is in charge of making the precise diagnoses of the whole staff, to generate individual works according to the results and so, measure the change of each, to achieve maximum performance. 

On the other hand, the work of prevention and recovery continues to lose importance, since these are the fundamental pillar to maintain the health of the participants of Real Valladolid International Academy at a physical level, where an optimal preparation by the hand of physiotherapy, will make us achieve optimal conditions to face each of the seasons that are played.

At Real Valladolid International Academy we are aware of the importance of the development of each of our participants, so it is a very important factor for us to follow the step by step of each, where the evolution reports, will show us how the player has advanced and who needs to acquire more tools to improve their game. 

With a first-level team on hand, it will only depend on each of our participants to improve and reach the next level, in this case, physically, since if you give sufficient importance to the care of your health, surely your evolution will be more noticeable.

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