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Football in 15 languages

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world. It is known and played in every corner of the world and has been characterized since its inception as a sport that unites, that overcomes cultural, social, and religious barriers, among others. At Real Valladolid International Academy we offer an international football, leisure and training experience to boys and girls from all corners of the globe. For this reason, we want to share the word “football” in 15 different languages. Football is a universal language. 1. German: fußball. 2. Spanish: fútbol. 3. Bulgarian: футбол. 4. Danish: fodbold. 5. Finnish: jalkapallo. 6. French: football. 7. Greek: ποδόσφαιρο. 8. Dutch: voetbal. 9. Hungarian: Labdarúgás. 10. Irish: peil. 11. Italian: calcium. 12. Maltese: football. 13. Polish: piłka nożna. 14. Portuguese: futebol. 15. Swedish: fotboll.  

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