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Football is surrounded by an infinite number of physical and mental benefits, in addition to offering an education based on values that are present before, during and after practice. At Real Valladolid International Academy ,in addition to high performance football, we incorporate into our programs an academic education that can be combined with the practice of sports. In other words, a complete and integral experience for the sporting, human and academic growth of the participants. 

Discover 10 reasons to combine football with your studies:

  1. Sport activates the cognitive areas of the brain related to attention, concentration and memory that help academic performance.
  2. It is an excellent way to work towards the dream of becoming a professional soccer player by following your academic training to ensure a professional future.
  3. Reconciling training with studies requires an extra effort so the athlete gets used to take his skills and talent to the highest level.
  4. Players learn to manage their time well and learn to make better decisions.
  5. The opportunity to obtain an athletic scholarship more easily.
  6. By being part of the Real Valladolid International Academy, players will increase their sporting and educational curriculum giving them access to a multitude of future options.
  7. The opportunity to receive an Integral education that shares educational and sporting learning.
  8. Sport helps to reduce stress and thus obtain better academic results.
  9. Increases discipline and develops good habits in children.
  10. It helps to improve decision making.

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