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Real Valladolid International Academy is a High Performance Academy that offers complete training programmes and we are very aware of the importance of strength training in our daily sessions.

In football, physics plays a fundamental role, as it is a contact sport. Generally speaking, it has always been said that football is 70% physical and 30% technical. Taking these percentages into account, we can see the influence of good training that works on all the physical aspects of the players. 

Today at Real Valladolid International Academy we are going to talk about how to work on strength exercises in the academies: 

1. Assessment of the players: Before any exercise or physical activity, the first thing to do is to evaluate the condition of the players, how their muscles are, what stage of growth they are in, and to have an analysis of their injuries. With this information we can adapt the load that can be put on the routines and training sessions, and according to the progress made, increase it. 

2. Program training cycles: Once the evaluation has been carried out, training cycles can be programmed where strength exercises are noted, with this different loads will be managed in the exercises for arms, legs, abdomen and other parts of the body that need to be worked on for optimum physical development. Cycles of 6-8 weeks are recommended.

3. Constant accompaniment: The main task of the physical trainers is not only to comply with the physical evolution of the players, but to be there, day after day, accompanying them and seeing that they comply with their work. Short challenges that help to motivate them to achieve each training cycle and thus, over time, to reach the objective set. 

With these three works, the guide to start the physical work with the participants can be deduced; it is very important to keep in mind that each body is different and that the strength is not the same between players. The personal assessment of each participant is fundamental to determine the starting point. For this reason, at Real Valladolid International Academy you will be able to enjoy a personalized study to get off to a good start. 

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