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The Real Valladolid C.F. accumulates 93 years of history. A lot has changed since then, but the essence is the same. Its career has left more than one fact that may be unknown to many. From Real Valladolid International Academy we unveil 7 interesting curiosities about the club. Read on, there is a lot to discover!

1.- Foundation and journey to the first division:
Real Valladolid C.F. was founded on June 20, 1928 as a result of a merger between two teams: Real Unión Deportiva and Club Deportivo Español. After 9 seasons they were promoted to the second division and in 1948, after being crowned champions in the second division, they achieved the long awaited ascent to the first division.

2.- Emblem:
The club’s emblem has a great similarity to that of the city of Valladolid. The original design and its evolution of the emblem reflect an important pillar in the club’s history. It is formed by a closed royal crown, distinctive of “Real”; five flames, present in the coat of arms of Valladolid; five castles, distinctive of Castile; six white and violet stripes, colors of the club, the Laureate Cross of San Fernando, the most valued military decoration of the Kingdom of Spain and the initials RV (Real Valladolid). Below is a brief description of the chronology and its changes.

2.- Members:
Although in its beginnings the members were emigrated from the two teams merged for the creation of the club, at present the club has 22,212 active members, commonly known as pucelanos. In the last season, Real Valladolid C.F. has broken the membership record, having to create a waiting list for those Blanquivioletas interested in becoming new members.

4.- Stadium:
The José Zorrilla stadium, named after the Spanish poet, has the capacity to hold 27,846 seated spectators; enough space to accommodate existing active members and potential visitors. It was built in 1982 and the most important competition hosted so far was the 1982 World Cup.

4.- Team mascot:
The Pucelanos have their own mascot: Pepe Zorrillo. It is common for him to appear at home games and he is a fox in a gentleman’s costume decorated with the club’s colors. A real pucelanian attraction. 

6.- Nickname:
Do you know where the nickname that Real Valladolid F.C. fans receive comes from: the pucelanos? There are many hypotheses about the origin of the word Pucela, with which the city of Valladolid and its inhabitants and fans, pucelanos, are called. 

> The story goes that, in the 15th century, some knights from Valladolid set sail for France to defend the side of the Maid of Orleans in the Hundred Years’ War. In old Castilian, the word maiden was said ‘pucela’, and these soldiers were nicknamed pucelas on their return to the city.
> Another theory is related to the city’s geography. Located between the Pisuerga and Esgueva rivers and the Canal de Castilla, it was considered to be a well and from its diminutive “pozuela” would derive the word Pucela.
> And finally, one of the most convincing stories assures that the term Pucela owes its name to the cement industry developed by the Castilian municipality and the Roman city Pozzueli. Valladolid was the only city that distributed the materials coming from Pozzueli and as a result of this trade, Valladolid inherited the pseudonym Pucela.

7.- Ronaldo
In 2018 one of the top stars of international football, Ronaldo Nazario, decided to buy shares of Real Valladolid C.F. becoming the majority shareholder with 82% of the club’s shares. His investment project remains focused on modernizing and revaluing the Valladolid team’s brand.

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