Nowadays a lot of boys and girls want to be football players. Many of them dream of at some point making the leap to the elite and succeeding just like their heroes have done. But you don’t become Ronaldo Nazario overnight, no, to reach that level you need to train very hard and develop a work discipline/organization according to what the current sports scene marks.

This week on the Real Valladolid International Academy blog we will learn how to be a good sports organization since being very young can be one of the key factors in becoming a professional in the world of soccer.

Athletic discipline

When we talk about sports discipline we are talking about the direct relationship that an athlete (soccer player in this case) has with the sport he practices. Several factors come into play here; respect, commitment, sincerity, trust or even effort.

If you want to reach the highest sports level, you must take into account all these factors, in order to prosper and become the best version of yourself.

At Real Valladolid International Academy we work with these values ​​in order to develop our players until they reach their full potential. This is achieved thanks to a unique work methodology in Europe and the efforts of many of the best coaches in Spain.

Growing up with this sports discipline will make players not only become great athletes, but also learn values ​​such as respect and commitment, factors that will also make them better people.

Organization, a key factor

Once we have been clear that sports discipline is going to be one of the main tasks of our athletes from a very young age, now it is time to talk about organization, a concept that also goes hand in hand.

It is very important that girls and boys learn to carry out an organization of their day to day from a very young age, in order to be more disciplined and achieve all their goals.

Getting organized consists of knowing how to prioritize tasks and carrying them out in the most efficient way possible. Always moving away from being overwhelmed and setting achievable goals that give us greater confidence in ourselves.

This routine will lead athletes to develop their full potential while they learn from it, something that will also allow them to enjoy doing all kinds of tasks or activities.

If we comply with all this, we will be able not only to improve our performance, but also to enjoy more doing what we like.