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Football is one of the most followed sports in many countries and football positions are fundamental to the organization of the team and lineups in matches. When we talk about football positions we mean the places occupied by soccer players on the pitch. In addition, each position has an assigned number that marks the main functions that the player will perform. From Real Valladolid International Academy we invite you to discover them!:


The goalkeeper is one of the key football positions of the team. His job is to avoid goals, so the victory of his team depends largely on him as well. He is the one who occupies the most backward position and is the only one who can touch the ball with his hands in his delimited area. The main skills that every goalkeeper must have are the ability to anticipate and reflexes.
It is a position with a great responsibility where you have to show leadership and coordinate the defense and the stopped ball. Dream like Roberto Jiménez and success will be assured!



The one who constitutes the base of the defense since he is in charge of the defensive zone. They are usually tall, strong players with good air dominance and with the ability to interpret the plays and cut them to avoid goals from the opposing team. Their main job is to prevent the players of the opposing team from scoring goals and taking the ball out of their area. Rarely do the midfielders go to the opposite field, only and if the coach asks for it for corner throws, free throws and once the play ends they have to return to their position.
You just have to see our central Kiko Olivas or Joaquín Fernández.


Players who occupy the band of the defensive zone either right or left. They are usually players with great speed and endurance capacity since they must support the defense, but also connect with the extremes or any teammate in the offensive zone. Therefore, they develop the role of defense and also of projection. They are responsible for plugging the climbs and reinforcing the aerial game in the center.
They are usually in charge of raising the ball through the bands and sending centers to the rival area so that the forwards can finish. That’s why they must have a good driving and ability to center like our siders Jesús Pérez, Nacho and Olaza.


The laneman appears when playing with 3 center defense. They have a function similar to that of the sides, but with the difference that they play more ahead and have no teammate ahead of him, that is, they have the whole band for him. They are asked to participate creatively in attacking plays, have good ball driving, filter good passes and have great power to kick.
A laneman is the perfect definition of Saidy Janko or Lucas Olaza, pure physical capacity.



Also called defensive midfielder. They occupy the central position of the field. It is one of the positions of football that is responsible for giving balance to the team either when attacking or defending. Its main functions are to carry out constant coverage of central and midfielders and also help to have possession in the attack. Besides, you have to recover balls and destroy the attacking team’s game.
The clear example of our player Roque Mesa.

Center Middle

They play in a more advanced position than the pivot. It is a position that needs players to be creative, with good driving to surpass rivals and great ability to associate. They have an important task when the striker leaves the finishing area, since they must go to the attack to help. You could say that it is one of the most demanding and important.
We highlight the figure of Rubén Alcaraz who is in charge of preparing and distributing the entire Real Valladolid game.

Creative Attacking Midfielder

One of the most advanced players in the core. Its main function is to participate in the creation of plays and also in the completion of them. A specialist to make the last pass for a good goal chance. Must be a player with a great offensive ability and also with a good shot and shots at a distance. It is one of the positions in football where you are looking for an elastic player with a great vision of the game and also have good technical dribbling skills.
In our case,
Óscar Plano is in charge of coordinating the attack and taking advantage of the free gaps of the rival defense either to pass or kick.



They are players who play at the end of the field. They have a great offensive character since they usually have to get into the area to score goals unlike steering wheels. In addition, they are fast players with a great ability to overflow the defense and make centers and passes so that their teammates can finish. Its main functions are based on unbalancing the opposing team and getting into the rival area. Many players who play in this position have an offensive role, but many of them also have the ability to return to help the midfield.
An example of some of our players in this position are
Toni Villa and Gassama among others.

Striker (9)

Its main function is to score goals. They have to have a good finishing technique, speed, ability to break lines. The vast majority have a great aerial and dynamic game. Basically they are in charge of scoring the vast majority of goals. They play in the rival area and creating spaces so that they can pass the ball to him to create occasions and score goals.
Our reference player is Weissman.

Finally, multipurpose players should be mentioned. In football there are many players who are able to play in various positions on the field. That benefits some players since it makes them more competent and the team also when there are injuries or go through low hours. In short, they are players who can perform several different functions on the pitch during matches.
As example we highlight the figure of Óscar Plano, who can play in any position of the midfield and in the lead.

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