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In the world of football there are traditions, rituals or manias to attract good luck before the beginning of the season or in big games and Spain is no exception, find out which are the most common!

  1. Religion: religion cannot be left out when mentioning some of the football players’ rituals. Many of them used to cross themselves before going on the field or they pray while looking to the sky. 
  2. The Spanish goalkeeper, Pepe Reina admitted that one of his rituals was to fill his car with gasoline before the games and then park it in the same place. On the other hand, Iker Casillas, for a time, played with his socks inside out because “it gave good luck”.
  3. Stepping onto the field with the right foot. Another of the rituals that are considered to bring good luck in football is to step onto the field with the right foot.
  4. The jersey #13. Some football players wanted to “reverse” the bad luck situation that surrounds #13, so they used this number on their shirts and many of them had an excellent career.
  5. Not shooting at goal. Many players who played in Spanish football leagues had the habit that during the warm-up of a game they did not shoot at goal in order to “not spend the goals” and they thought that this would decrease the chances of scoring in the game.

As strange as they may seem, rituals have a function: they help to establish routines that mentally reinforce the players, even if these do not depend on their game itself. They are mental predispositions that help to generate a certain type of confidence in the player. Do you have some rituals?


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