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If you are a football fan and you want to know more about a player, manager or the management of a professional team, you can’t miss the Top 10 movies and TV series that we recommend you from Real Valladolid International Academy!

  1. ‘Ronaldo: El Presidente’. Ronaldo Nazario “The Phenomenon” is the main character of this six-episode documentary series that explores Ronaldo’s current life as president of Real Valladolid.
  2. Field of Stars. A TV show that takes you to discover the most intimate side of the players of the Merengue club. 
  3. Sunderland ‘Til I die. British sports socio-cultural documentary that follows the events of the 2017-2018 season where they live ups and downs after being relegated from the Premier League.
  4. All or Nothing, Manchester City. An eight-episode series recounting the successful 2017-2018 season of the team coached by the Catalan manager Pep Guardiola.
  5. The English Game. A drama series based on real events of the beginning of professional football in England, certainly a very entertaining series that combines real facts with some fiction.
  6. Goal! A 2006 American drama/sports film that narrates the adventure of a Mexican young man who has the dream of becoming a professional football player.
  7. Apache, The Life of Carlos Tévez. This series shows the Argentinian striker’s childhood and complicated adolescence, from playing in the neighborhood to becoming a world-class player.
  8. The Damned United. A film that approaches the figure of Brian Clough and the time he spent at Leeds United, the best English team at the moment and shows a manager with quite particular methods for the team’s mechanisms.
  9. Pelé, The Birth of a Legend. An American biographical film about the origins of the Brazilian football player Edson Arantes do Nascimento, from his childhood in the suburbs of São Paulo to the 1958 World Cup title.
  10. Green Street Hooligans. We cannot leave out this traditional dramatic film starring Elijah Wood, which tells the story of a sequence of events that will lead him to move to London and become part of a well-known group of hooligans.

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