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One of the most important factors when one is playing a sport is communication. Without this there is no message, there is no common goal and therefore, there is no team. Good communication on and off the field will be a differentiating factor if you want to achieve the maximum possible sporting success.

But for this to exist, a series of basic assumptions must be fulfilled, among which the language stands out above all of them. Speaking the same language will not only help players understand each other better on the pitch, but will also help them feel more integrated and valued within the team.

This week on the Real Valladolid International Academy blog we will talk about the importance of languages ​​in the world of sports and how they can help children feel more comfortable in their environment.

A multi-cultural world

We are all aware that we currently live in a totally globalized world, in which people are increasingly connected and cultural exchanges are the order of the day. These exchanges enrich us and make our society advance.

The world of football is a good example of this, since people from various countries and even continents currently coexist in the teams. This makes sport the best “cultural exchanger” in the world, since it is capable of uniting people who, perhaps otherwise, never met.

These exchanges also mean that we not only learn words or expressions from other cultures, but also customs or traditions from other places that help us better understand the world.

Make a football team

A group of male and female colleagues becomes a “team” when its components begin to trust each other and a dialogue is generated between them. This communication is essential, since it will be the one that generates a good atmosphere within the locker room.

If within this locker room its members are lucky enough to speak several languages, we will be getting more and more people to feel involved and above all, no one is left behind. A fundamental factor to advance not only as a team, but as a human group.

This is the reason why at Real Valladolid International Academy we give priority to cultural exchange and we love receiving footballers from all over the world. These will not only improve their technique, but they will also grow up surrounded by a rich and diverse environment.

Learn English and much more

Currently, English is the most predominant language in our society, the one that opens the most doors and the one that is capable of uniting more people. But little by little, other languages ​​are gaining strength and it is becoming more and more common that within a team we find colleagues speaking to us in Chinese, French or Arabic.

The world is expanding and with it come the necessary cultural exchanges to build a rich and tolerant society that embraces the future.

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