Being a professional soccer player is the dream of many boys and girls throughout the world. But becoming one is very simple, it takes talent, dedication and surrounding yourself with the best possible environment.

An environment that all these young people can find in high performing academies. Places that end up being a differential factor to be able to earn a living playing football.

Real Valladolid International Academy is one of these places where boys and girls are trained to bring them closer to their dream, to be professional footballers. And for this reason, this week in our blog, we will talk about how a high-performance school like Real Valladolid works from the inside.

How to become a professional soccer player?

This is a question that every boy or girl asks when their idols celebrate a goal, a victory or the achievement of a great title on TV. But to get to lift the Champions League there is a whole history of effort that the footballer has had to go through.

Growing up from a very young age with the necessary tools to maximize their technical and tactical ability is a fundamental factor if they want to reach the top in the world of football. And for this it is very important to surround yourself with the best professionals and experts in the field.

The coaches and trainers end up being the main engine of these young people to learn a series of sports dynamics that little by little will change in their daily routine. Dedication and effort will also provide a plus in this entire equation. All this is always linked to an important ability to listen to learn from their mistakes and correct the indications indicated by their technicians.

High-performance schools also provide a vital “companionship” component in the development of a footballer, making him grow not only as a player, but as a person.

Is it necessary to be in the academy of a great football team?

Obviously it is not an essential condition, but it does help in the development of the footballer and provides him with a series of benefits that no other place gives him.

A good example is Real Valladolid International Academy, the high-performance international school of the Valladolid club, a historic team from Spain that teaches a unique work methodology in Europe.

In its international academy, players learn with the best facilities at their fingertips, in addition to growing in a multicultural environment just like the one they will find when they are professionals. In short, they will start training from a very young age just like their idols, learning techniques and dynamics that will always seek to bring out their best version.

What will Real Valladolid International Academy offer them?

Real Valladolid International Academy offers its participants the opportunity to play football in its modern facilities and also have access to the best possible immersive experience. They will live in residences where they will make friends for life, they will have a complete schooling and also the opportunity to have a program 100% tailored to their needs.

From Real Valladolid International Academy we take care of covering all the needs of participants and families.

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