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At Real Valladolid International Academy we know how important it is to follow a training routine that has the following characteristics: Physical, technical, strategic and mental training. Everything that is developed in these routines will be reflected in the matches, in the quality of play and in the accuracy of the movements. 

On this occasion, we talk about a very important issue when it comes to playing, the shot, is undoubtedly one of the big determining factors in a football game, and is that, if there is effectiveness when it comes to archery, Most likely that will translate into higher odds of getting the goal. 

From Real Valladolid International Academy we bring you some tips that you can apply in your training routines and perfect your shot to the bow. Do not forget that all exercise needs your practice, be consistent and you will see results. 

Training the strength of the legs: Your most important tip when shooting is your skillful leg, so it is very important that you consider training these properly, because if you get the right strength, with supervised exercises, You’re gonna get the power you need when it comes to playing. 

Training the technique of shooting: It is not worth having power and strength in the legs, if you do not know how to use them, it is also very important what you practice on the playing field, since that is where you improve your shooting technique. 

Be creative, use different elements to combine agility and shooting. You don’t always have everything on your side, sometimes you have to avoid the enemy, use different training materials to help you increase the difficulty of your path to the bow. 

Games: A good way to practice any skill is to use games so that your routines do not become monotonous. For example, you can practice shooting with another person using different goals to which a color is assigned. Your partner will tell you the color to direct your shot. In this fun way you can combine aim, power and reflex speed to be able to apply them in your football games. 

Spend time on the surface of contact with the ball: One of the most frequent mistakes when shooting the ball, is not having clear with which part of the foot you should stick to the ball, so it is important that, through practice, Identify which area is given to you when shooting, as you can improve your technique.

Be constant: You will not be the best one day for the other, do not falter in the attempt, take a while each day to train this facet of your game, your technique, sure so you will get a better result. 

Visualization: It is very important to spend some time of our workouts, even of free time, has to perform several visualization exercises arriving at bow and shooting. Despite being an exercise in imagination, mentally it means being there, in situ. In this way, you will be preparing your body and mind to execute a shot effectively.

Be the best of the courts and train here at Real Valladolid International Academy, where you will surely reach your next level and you will be the star when shooting. Do not miss the opportunity to live your best experience for your career.

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