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Emotional intelligence is a person’s ability to recognise one’s own emotions and those of others. That is, to identify feelings and “classify” them correctly, in order to be able to use this information either in one’s own behaviour, thinking or adjusting one’s own emotions. 

In addition, self-knowledge improves the long-term performance of the goals set. It helps to define more precisely where we are and what we need to improve our performance and above all to be fairer to ourselves. 

We can summarise five main aspects of emotional intelligence:

1. Self-awareness: as the word itself expresses, the knowledge of oneself, of one’s weaknesses and strengths and how we assume this reality. It goes beyond a personal evaluation, it is knowing how our thinking acts in decision making, for example. 

2. Self-regulation: the ability to identify feelings and regulate them according to our needs and those of others or the situation we are in. It helps to be more reasonable for example, which influences interpersonal relationships within the football team, to create an environment of trust.

3. Motivation: in order to be able to achieve each challenge. This aspect is fundamental, it is the driving force to overcome obstacles, which will determine success.  

4. Empathy: it is not about pleasing but understanding. In this way we can communicate more effectively with the rest of the team and overcome social and cultural barriers. It is knowing how to understand what is behind the words, body language and feelings that we all have in common.

5. Social skills: if we are able to treat ourselves with respect we are able to treat others with it. As part of the team it is essential to develop this aspect, you will never play alone. Building positive relationships within the team is important not only to win, but also to play a good game. 

Emotional intelligence helps our participants to deal with anxiety, such as stressful situations, whether in training or in the middle of a match; it improves interpersonal relationships and the personal relationship with oneself, thus improving the relationship with the team or coach; it improves the overall psychological well-being of the person. 

At Real Valladolid International Academy we are focused on the development of our participants in a complete form. Any athlete will take on challenges and responsibilities in an excellent way if he or she develops this cognitive part that refers to emotions. Body and mind, that is our objective. 

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