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Europe is the cradle of football, the place where its rules were dictated and currently the main showcase of this sport worldwide. Any boy or girl wants to succeed in a great European team, lift the Champions Cup and have the whole stadium shout their name in unison. Europe breathes football, it is the most practiced sport and the Champions League, its most popular competition, is the most followed club football tournament in the world.

This week on the Real Valladolid International Academy blog we will tell you about the benefits of being able to play and train football in Europe.

We have to go back many decades to talk about the “birth” of football on this continent, specifically to 1863, in the city of London. There, the rules of a sport that would change the world were dictated, breaking borders, bringing cultures closer and making more and more children practice it.

Thanks to this development, football is currently the most followed sport in the world, in addition to having been able to create “global brands” and synonymous with success. The big European clubs are examples throughout the world, but even the smallest teams also have youth and training structures that are the envy of the entire globe. This is very important, since it is the reason why more and more young people try their luck playing football in the old continent.

Training in Europe is the door to being able to succeed there, the best way to acquire the knowledge and techniques necessary to succeed as a footballer. All the teams have their academies and training schools that allow their young promises to have a chance to join the first team in the future. This opportunity is the key for any boy or girl in the world to be motivated day after day in their training.

Training in the youth academy or in the academy of a European club is the best way to have the opportunity to be a professional footballer in the future. These schools prepare their young talents under work methodologies that are unique in the world and that make them train under professional dynamics from a very young age.

A good example of this is Real Valladolid International Academy, the high performance academy of Real Valladolid, one of the clubs with the longest history in Spain. There, boys and girls from all over the world grow up and train as soccer players in a first-class educational and sports environment. In addition to having the opportunity to use the facilities of a LaLiga club and meet the footballers of the first team.

Real Valladolid International Academy also offers its participants the option of choosing a tailored training plan and the opportunity to have academic and continuing education in the best schools. They will also have the best team of coaches, recreational activities, cultural events and full board accommodation.

All these factors will make your experience total, learning from the best professionals and training in one of the most progressive clubs in European football, Real Valladolid.

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