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Sport is considered a universal language and football is no exception. This discipline overcomes cultural, social, religious and physical differences, therefore, from Real Valladolid International Academy we leave you 10 words that every football lover should know.

  1. Dribbling. It is an individual skill that consists of making movements with different parts of the body while in possession of the ball.  
  2. “Size 5”. It refers to the ball of football.  
  3. Bicycle kick. Is an acrobatic strike where a player kicks an airborne ball rearward in midair.  
  4. Nutmeg. A dribble made by the player passing the ball between the opponent’s legs.  
  5. Rabona. a skilful way of kicking the ball, in which your kicking leg is directly behind your standing leg as you kick the ball forward.  
  6. Vaseline. A soft shot with a curved trajectory over the goalkeeper.  
  7. “Panenka style”. is a technique used while taking a penalty kick in which the taker, instead of kicking the ball to the left or right of the goalkeeper, gives a light touch underneath the ball, causing it to rise and fall within the centre of the goal.  
  8. Olympic goal. Direct goal from a corner kick.  
  9. Hat-trick. Situation in which a soccer player scores 3 goals in the same match.  
  10. Goal. The highest expression of soccer; when the ball crosses the goal line between the goalposts and under the crossbar (goal).

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